Midweek Bible Study

In addition to Sunday morning studies of God’s word, we have a weekly Bible study. This is an informal study with Q&A. Due to the meeting location and nature of this study, please contact us for directions and more information.



Here you'll find Bible verses daily and meeting time updates. It's also where you can join us live to watch our Bible Questions & Answers program.


Daily Scripture Message

You can receive daily scriptural encouragement by texting 'Subscribe' to our text message ministry at 16146827441. To opt out at any time, text 'Stop'


Weekly Prison Ministry

We have a weekly ministry in which the men of the assembly hold group Bible study meetings at a nearby prison. This has encouraged inmates interested in studying God's word rightly divided and has provided our saints with many teaching opportunities.


Forgotten Truths

Forgotten Truths television program is produced by Grace Bible Church of Warren, Michigan and Grace School of the Bible. It presents the Word of God rightly divided to help the believer learn how to understand and enjoy the Bible. For more information, visit their website: here


Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference

Along with the saints of other Grace churches, we co-sponsor the annual Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference. Please join us each Memorial Day weekend for a time of fun, fellowship, and edification from grace preachers around the country. For further information, please visit the website of Ohio Grace Ministries.