Wednesday Evening Questions & Answers Bible Study

Mar 15, 2023    David Reid

Can you explain Mark 16:15? When it says "every creature" is it talking about everyone, or just those who have converted from idolatry to Judaism as stated in one of the Strong's definitions G2937, 1b.

How did people get saved before the flood? Where did those people go after they die? (As far as the question asker understands, Abraham's Bosom was not created at that time)

What happened to the disciples that were sent out to the utter most parts of the earth (Acts 1:8)? Or were they ever sent?

Why do people burn in hell prior to the judgement at the Great White Throne?

Matthew 18:22 - Why does the KJV say, "seventy times seven", while the NIV says, "seventy-seven"?

If Paul was not married, then how was he a Pharisee before his conversion? Weren't the Pharisees required to be married?

Why doesn't David, and other dispensationalist like David, believe in the "sovereignty of God"?

Can non-believers be possessed during the Dispensation of Grace?

Do unsaved people go to the same Hades as described in Luke 16 when they die?