Wednesday Evening Questions & Answers Bible Study

Mar 8, 2023    David Reid

Ephesians 2:17: is this a contradictory verse? What does this verse mean?

When someone dies, do they receive their glorified body at that instant?

What scriptures prove, without doubt, that there are no Apostles today?

Explaining 1 Timothy 5:21-25

Why do we put the dispensation of grace in the Daniel 69-70th week gap?

After you are saved, do you have to continually repent?

John 18:36: Why did the Lord tell the jews that His kingdom was not of this world when, in fact, his kingdom was going to be established on the earth?

Are there people below the age of accountability that go to heaven when they die?

Does anyone go to heaven, but wish they didn't? Essentially arriving in heaven and becoming unhappy because they are there?