*** Upcoming CBC Conference ***

Please plan on attending our first Bible conference in our new meeting space!
We are excited to welcome special guest speaker:

Pastor Richard Jordan
Theme: "Why belong to a church?"

Saturday, August 20
10 am session
11:30 am lunch
1:30 pm session
fellowship after afternoon session
Sunday, August 21
9:30 am session
10:45 am session

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for this event. We have an occupancy limit and need to know how many are attending. If you do not register, we will not be able to accommodate you. To register, follow this link: https://subsplash.com/columbusbiblechurch/lb/ev/+q96w3p4/register

New on the CBC app...

The CBC Bible Reading Plan on our app is now a tab on the bottom of the app screen!
On the app when you first open the bible tab, you will have to select the KJV from the drop down menu. Once you select the KJV in the drop down menu, it will stay that way on your app. Both the bible text and the reading plan will then be KJV.

The Reading Plan is a 28 day journey through Paul's epistles (beginning July 1). It will repeat on the first day of the month with catch up days on days 29-31. To access, open the bible tab and choose "Plan" that is on the horizontal menu bar near the bottom. Unlike the former calendar format, each day will stay on the screen, so if you miss a day, you can go back and access the scheduled reading. When you complete the reading for the day, there is a "complete" button at the end that will add a check mark to that day. This is a fun feature to help you keep track of your daily reading!

There is also an audio bible feature which is useful. There is audio for the Bible reading plan as well but unfortunately the default is ESV and we are unable to change it to KJV at this time. We have requested that feature with Subsplash and are hoping that'll be something we can soon change.  

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