This book considers 37 questions that a reader of the Bible might have concerning verses in the Bible that seem to contradict. The questions introduce the reader to dispensationalism as a plain and simple approach to making the Bible come together in perfect harmony. 
Este libro considera 37 preguntas que un lector de la Biblia podría tener con respecto a los versículos de la Biblia que parecen contradecirse. Las preguntas introducen al lector al dispensacionalismo como un enfoque simple y llano para hacer que la Biblia se una en perfecta armonía.
This book accurately identifies the nature and timing of the day of the Lord in scripture. In addition, specific attention is given to the day of Christ and how this uniquely Pauline revelation relates to the day of the Lord in prophecy. Topics include: the definition of the day of the Lord, the timing of the day of the Lord, the “thief in the night” aspect of the day of the Lord, the specific nature of “the day of Christ,” and more!
The purpose of this project is to accurately identify the different gospels in scripture. All of the notes in this booklet were presented at Grace Life Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI over the weekend of October 18-20, 2013. This project is a collaborative effort of David W Reid of Columbus Bible Church and Bryan C. Ross of Grace Life Bible Church.
Some King James Bibles say always and others alway. And in places some say stablish while other Bible publishers use establish. And what about throughly and thoroughly? And example and ensample? Are these variations actually a different word with a different meaning, or are they spelling changes over time? Is verbatim identicality required for a perfect Bible? Users of the King James Bible have wrestled with these issues for years. In this orthographic, historical, and textual investigation, author Bryan C. Ross looks at these words (and much more) from the perspective of one who has total trust in the King James Bible. Readers will gain a history of the KJB in America, as well as knowledge of some important words which seem strange to the modern American eye.
The notes contained in this book comprise Term 1 of the From This Generation For Ever class taught at Grace Life Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. The purpose of the class was to set forth the belief that the King James Bible is God’s Word for English-speaking people. The goal was to enunciate a position on the final authority of the King James Bible that is scriptural, reasonable, factual, and historically accurate. The notes presented herein are the edited course notes that were disturbed to participants when the lessons were originally taught. To access the video and/or MP3 audio for these lessons please visit the online classroom at or visit the School of Theology page on the Grace Life Bible Church website. This book is very valuable even to those who do not watch the videos.
The King James Bible uses the word Easter in Acts 12:4. Is this a reference to the Christian holiday?
Or a pagan holiday? Or is it a reference to the Jewish Passover? In this short book, author Bryan C. Ross analyzes the use of Easter. He does so using pre-King James translations, etymological studies, and exegetical context. This book will be loved by those who love the King James Bible but are perplexed by this seeming anachronism. It will also challenge some common thinking as to what Easter means in Acts 12:4.
Among those who love the Word of God, there is a debate about whether Psalms 12:6-7 provides a clear statement of the preservation of God’s words or if they support the preservation of God’s people, Israel. Pastor Bryan Ross analyzes the grammar and context of the words, supports their use for defending the preservation of the very words of the Bible, and yet cautions against extreme uses of Psalm 12:6-7. Wherever you may stand, this book will shed light on important words from the most important Word, the Word of God. 
This booklet is a fascinating overview of how the Bible progressively reveals God's plan to reconcile all things, both in heaven and on the earth, under the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Enjoy daily glimpses into some of the many blessings that are ours in Christ and get to know the Lord more intimately as the One who loves you, who gave Himself for you, and who continues to give out of the riches of His grace. Each page of this booklet focuses on one blessing we have in Christ, from A-Z. It is perfect for daily devotions. In addition, because all scripture references are provided in an appendix in the back, it also can be used for group Bible study. It makes a wonderful gift, too. 
A strategic grasp of the Bible that starts with the basic issue for understanding the Bible and the internal instructions on how it is to be studied. It goes through the Bible in survey form from Genesis to Revelation.
Check out this little booklet with a big message that answers questions like if Christ chose 12 Apostles in his earthly ministry, why did he call another Apostle after he ascended into heaven? And, why do most Bible teachers ignore Paul's unique ministry and message?
This simple, 30-page, pocket-size booklet will help clarify some foundational principles for interpreting the meaning of scripture. 
An in-depth look at the differences between the prophecy and the mystery programs in the Bible. This book covers fundamentals of dispensational truth.  The author helps the reader to understand how that "all the Bible is for us, but it is not all addressed to us or written about us, and if we would really understand and enjoy it; if we would really know how to use it effectively in service for Christ, we must be careful always to note who is addressing whom, about what and when and why."  
Wonderful for the believer who is new to dispensationalism, this book helps one to understand that while there are many distinctions between God's heavenly plan for the Body of Christ and his plan for his Kingdom on earth, there is also a connection that is even more vital - both purposes center in Christ! 
A detailed look at how to live life in light of who God has made you in Christ. This book explains how to have real spiritual growth in your life, which begins by understanding who God has made you in Christ.

A generation ago there were dire discrepancies between Genesis 1 and the findings of science, and especially was this true of astronomy. The attack of the critic came primarily through the sciences, and the faith of many young people was wrecked because they thought the Bible was in serious error and therefore could no longer be trusted. It is the purpose of this book to lay side by side the findings of the physical sciences and the statements of the Scriptures, so that anyone may observe their miraculous agreement.
The Bible singles out one disciple of Jesus as the one whom "Jesus loved" and The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved takes a closer look at what scripture says about this beloved disciple and the special role he played in the life of Jesus. This book challenges the reader to weigh the testimony of scripture regarding the one whom Jesus loved and to take seriously the biblical admonition, "prove all things."
An exciting book for children that follows the whimsical adventures of a mouse and his friends as they learn Christian principles and the books of the Bible. This book, written by Clayton Thomas of Columbus Bible Church, is sure to be a treasured gift that children will remember for a lifetime. 
An interactive Christian coloring book, which was specially designed to learn more about the word of God. In addition to being able to color each image with beautiful designs, motifs, and drawings created for each of the verses, you will be able to read and listen to each verse in a professionally made video for our spiritual growth.