Who we are...

We are an independent, self-governing body of believers in Columbus, Ohio. We associate and affiliate with others of like precious faith, but we are under no manmade ecclesiastical authority. We are gospel-oriented, Bible study-focused, grace-minded, and family-centered.
We are not a mainstream, denominational, or religious church. Our building is newly renovated, welcoming, and comfortable, though much simpler compared to other church buildings. Our services are orderly and not overly formal. We don't dim the lights, nor do we have loud music. We sing hymns and spiritual songs as a congregation focusing on content, not emotions or performance. Our sermons are filled with Bible verses, not stories, and are intended to teach, edify, and renew our minds. Our pastor teaches directly from the Bible. Yes, he uses the King James, but don't worry; he takes the time to explain and define any difficult words presenting his messages with clear points that usually follow a structured outline. We have notepads and pens available to help take notes, as well as seating with tables. We promise you will be able to understand and follow along easily. If you have questions, feel free to ask after the meeting is over. Our pastor always takes time to listen and help. We like to linger and fellowship after the meeting too!
We do not currently offer children's programs during our services. While we know this may be unconventional and may not meet everyone's preferences, we encourage you to consider the benefits of having children in church alongside their parents and with believers of all ages. We do understand that sitting through a church service may be challenging for little ones. For that reason, we have a designated room for families with young children. Children can play, color, or watch a fun video, while parents comfortably view the meeting on the monitor. And if desired, we will gladly provide child care for children under five.